Pierre de la Grange – Founder – Phone: +33 1 57 27 47 53
He is mainly responsible for scientific development and commercial aspects.
Pierre de la Grange started his professional career at INSERM where he spent 4 years. During his Ph.D., he played a key role in the development of bioinformatics solutions such as FAST DB, the leading alternative splicing database.
From there, he was recruited as a postdoctoral fellow by EURASNET, the European Network of Excellence for Alternative Splicing.
In 2008, he created GenoSplice technology.
Pierre de la Grange signed several publications, he gave seminars during international workshops and some of his meeting presentations were awarded.

Marc Rajaud – Founder – Phone: +33 1 57 27 47 52
He is mainly responsible for corporate development and commercial aspects.
Marc Rajaud started his professional career at PriceWaterhouseCoopers where he spent 8 years. He has had a wide range of projects and experiences in business development and transaction advisory for both French and international clients.
From there, he advised companies on financial issues in different activity sectors such as Health and High-Technology.
In 2008, he created GenoSplice technology.
He is a chartered accountant.

Frédéric Lemoine – Bioinformatics project manager – Phone: +33 1 57 27 47 66
He is mainly responsible for the development of bioinformatic projects related to high-throughput sequencing.
Frederic did his PhD in computer science / bioinformatics at University Paris-XI, where he worked on integration and analysis of comparative genomics data.
After a postdoc in Lausanne, Switzerland where he worked on small-RNA sequencing data, he joined GenoSplice in Feb. 2010.

Caroline Hego – Lab Technician – Phone: +33 1 57 27 47 66
She is reponsible for the experimental part (e.g. amplification of samples, chip hybridization, etc.).
Caroline worked at the “Centre National de Génotypage” (National Center for Genotyping), more particularly in the high throughput platform of DNA genotyping.
After working at “Institut Curie” for two years, in the proteomic platform as well as in the genomic plateform, she joined GenoSplice in Aug. 2010.

Khema Fagoonee-Jagoosing – Bioanalyst – Phone: +33 1 57 27 47 46
Khema worked as a Biomedical Scientist in clinical biochemistry in the UK for a year before doing a Masters degree in Digital Biology at the University of Manchester. She specialised in Systems Biology through her dissertation based on the integration of microarray data with network analysis tools to study gene interactions and pathways.
After studying for a Master in Bioinformatics and Modelisation at University Paris-VI, she joined GenoSplice in September 2013.

Olivier Ariste – Bioanalyst – Phone: +33 1 57 27 47 65
Olivier did his Masters degree in Bioinformatics and Biostatistics at University Paris-XI before joining GenoSplice in 2012. He has actively participated to development of the GenoSplice pipeline to detect single polymorphisms (SNPs) and short insertions/deletions. He is mainly responsible for Next Generation Sequencing data analysis.

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