GenoSplice leading transcriptomics discovery technology – EASANA® – is a bioinformatics solution dedicated to genome-wide gene expression studies using microarrays and NGS.


Thanks to 6 years of development in close collaboration with biologist teams experts in splicing (EURASNET), EASANA® is the only platform that:

  • Allows biologists to rapidly and easily find relevant results from the latest technologies
  • Enables gene expression regulation study at the gene level as well as at the exon level.
  • Uses different techniques: Microarray, sequencing

To provide high confidence results, the EASANA® workflow consists in the following steps:

  • Data quality control  (example of QC report);
  • Data analysis;
  • Visualization of data in their genomic context (screenshots).

The EASANA® unique analysis process strongly reduces false-positive rate and thus provides the most relevant and high-confidence results as possible (up to 80% of true positive results at exon level; 100% at gene level using RT-qPCR validation).

We know that each project has its own specificities that must be taken into account in the analysis (e.g. kind of biological material, number of experimental conditions, number of chips/conditions, expected effect on exon content, etc.). With numerous flexible parameters that we adapt to each situation, EASANA® was designed to answer these specificities.


In addition to its powerful analysis system, EASANA® provides a useful and user-friendly web application for visualizing data in their genomic context (click here to test EASANA®).

The EASANA® visualization interface allows to:

  • Display data for any gene;
  • Check results from analysis (done by EASANA® or other systems);
  • Share data with your collaborators.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information.