Next-generation-sequencing technologies have started a big change in how we process and analyze bioinformatics data.

Current technologies (Illumina, SOLID, Roche’s 454, Ion Torrent, etc.) generate a huge amount of data for each experiment (on the order of several hundred of Gigabytes), and it is more and more difficult to analyze NGS projects on a simple desktop computer.

The challenges are manyfold:

  • What tools should I use to obtain a confident result?
  • How to use/parametrize this tools?
  • How to chain all the tools in a workflow that makes sense?
  • Do I have enough computation power (cpu/memory)?
  • How will I store/query all this data?

GenoSplice proposes its knowledge on bioinformatics and on computer science as well as its dedicated tools to:

  • Advise on the experimental design,
  • Extract pertinent information from different NGS experiments,
  • Store/query the data generated by the experiment,
  • Store/query the primary/secondary/tertiary results generated by the experiment,
  • Visualize biological information in a user-friendly environement

You do not have to worry about the computational steps needed to obtain the results.

And this for different NGS applications. Please visit the Services section for more details.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information.