General consulting

Our network of professionals and scientists offers help and consulting with any bioinformatics question you might have. We offer:

  • Suggestions and help choosing the best methods for various data analyses
  • Help with in-house biological database and analysis pipeline setups

Drug target validation and prediction

  • Customized solutions for screening and analysis of large compound sets and their human targets
  • Drug target prediction based on their side effects
  • Prediction of possible drug side effects based on their target-binding profiles
  • Prediction of metabolic pathways and drug interference

Custom software development

The simplest solution to the development of various small and micro-scale software packages it to simply outsource them. Based on your requirements, GenoSplice offers quick development and deployment of various small bioinformatics tools.

Other data analysis

  • Chip probe design
  • “Manual” curation of results (mainly for exon results)
  • Prediction/detection of motifs
  • Detection of protein interaction networks
  • Annotation of protein domains and features


Do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information.