We help our clients create value and architect change through our unique spectrum of bioinformatics services from the bench to relevant results with out top 6 commitments type delivery model:

Time & Material

Technical expertise, consultancy and assistance under Time and Material basis to support our clients on their projects.

One shot or multi-year service

This commitment type offers a guaranteed level and availability of expertise, along with flexibility in the management of your project with one shot collaboration or multi year.

Fixed Price Project

Management under fixed price mode with commitment on deliverables, planning, budget
This commitment type means availability, as of the project launch, of the product definition and delivery date. Management of the project is based on results, with quality, cost.

Service portfolio

This commitment type allows for capacity adaptation according to the clients’ needs, with an evolution of the service offering as requirements and constrains evolve. Cost optimization and productivity gains are based on recurring activities and the experience built up. Quality of service is fully under control.

Tailored Project & Service

Management of a complex system needing one or more engineering skills.
The GenoSplice services will be customized to the project and can be defined with you.

Sooner is better: Grant Application

From our experience, earlier GenoSplice is integrated in a project, better are our results.

Do not hesitate to integrate us as soon as possible for example in your grant applications.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information.